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Since last year, we’ve been working hard to enable more features for Professional Email and our other email products. One of the things we heard from you is that you want annual payment options, so you don’t have to worry about monthly payouts and pricing. Now, we’re happy to announce that annual plans are officially available for Professional Email. Don’t worry: our 3-month free trial is still available, so that you can try out the best-in-class email product with either payment method — without committing up front.

And we haven’t stopped there. now offers one-click webmail access, making it easier than ever to access and manage your emails directly within your site admin panel. That’s better for you, your community, and your customers. We’re also working on integrating webmail into the admin panel to make it easier to manage Professional Email and save you more time to focus on things important to you.

We want to make sure we continue building a product that makes your everyday life a bit better. If you have any ideas for features you’d want us to add, or any cool Professional Email experiences to share with us, drop us a line. We’re in this together!

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Source: 38 Favorites: The Travel Architect 

Welcome to our brand new series, “ Favorites”! In these interviews, we’ll be highlighting bloggers about their passion project. Caution: contents guaranteed to be inspiring.    

First up, The Travel Architect. A teacher from the Twin Cities area of Minnesota, The Travel Architect has been documenting her world-wide travels (usually alongside “the husband”) since 2018. It’s easy to get sucked down the rabbit hole of her writing; she’s always funny and entertaining, provides great tips, and is quite obviously a natural storyteller. Let’s learn more! 

1. When did you realize that you loved to travel, and when did you start making it a priority in your life?

It’s difficult to pinpoint an exact moment in time when I recognized travel as this thing I had to have in my life on a regular basis. Travel was a frequent part of my childhood and youth — cross-country road trips, ski vacations in the Rockies, Jamaica twice before first grade, a class trip to Spain, a month in Belgium as an exchange student, among other adventures — so my love almost certainly stems from those experiences.  

I’ve always been the kind of person who wants to know what’s just beyond the hill in front of me or what’s just around that bend in the river. While I’m not a danger junkie at all (my husband jokingly calls me “Head Safety”), I am attracted to adventure, whether that adventure is trying via ferrata or exploring a new culture. 

There were some lean travel years when I was in college, but after that I went on a two-and-a-half-month Colorado Outward Bound course that involved mountaineering, rock climbing, river rafting, and canyoneering. Shortly thereafter I moved to the mountains of Montana for a new adventure. Those were lean travel years, too, but living in the mountains in a new state felt a bit like travel. There I met my husband and eventually we relocated back to the Midwest, where I did all the mundane things like get a career and buy a house, but I always had to have travel on the horizon.  

That’s the funny thing — I’m actually quite a homebody. I love my home and being at home, but there’s a restlessness there that can only be relieved by travel. Thankfully, I’m married to someone who is a lot like me in that regard. Nearly indistinguishable from my love of travel is my love of travel planning. I know lots of people would sooner take a trans-Pacific flight in the baggage hold of an airliner than plan and book their own travels, but for me it’s pure bliss (except for international COVID travel, when it’s pure hell).

2. Obviously, COVID has totally disrupted “normal” travel. I’m sure some of your plans were set aside — what did you decide to do in place of some of those plans? Was there anything you learned about your passion in the midst of the pandemic?

Yes, aside from a few colleagues at work who tell me they don’t like to travel (huh?!), I hardly know anyone who didn’t have plans ruined. I personally had a solo spring break trip to Sedona that went up in flames, and my husband and I had to cancel our trip to Spain, Andorra, and France. 

Instead, we enacted “Plan B.” We have a little 12-foot travel trailer that we took on a three-week Colorado-Utah-Colorado socially-distanced road trip. 

Once we were vaccinated we felt comfortable flying domestically, so we took a couple of trips out to different parts of California and one to Arizona. That Arizona trip was for my 50th birthday.  I had long planned to do a much bigger trip to mark the occasion, possibly Japan, but that just wasn’t going to work with all the travel restrictions. 

As for lessons learned, I guess it would be about money. When you’re good about saving for travel as I am, and then you don’t have any travel to spend your money on, your travel account can start to get wonderfully plump. That was our state of affairs partway into the pandemic. When we finally started flying domestically to travel, we really splashed out on some nice accommodations in some beautiful spots. I learned that this form of travel, while lovely, can quickly deplete the account that once seemed bottomless. Now that we’re back to traveling a bit more regularly, I’m trying to rein in some of my luxury impulses.

3. Do you have a favorite locale that you find yourself recommending all the time? Maybe you could share one stateside and one international?

Though I was born and raised in Wisconsin, I’m a mountain girl at heart. I will shout from the rooftops my love for Colorado — hands down my favorite state. I’m just transfixed by mountains. I’ve been to Colorado so many times I’ve lost count I and can’t seem to stop going back. Then there’s southern Utah, a close second, followed by the entire Four Corners region, and heck, the entire Mountain West all the way to the Pacific. This is why we haven’t seen much of the eastern seaboard and vast swaths of the southern US — the western United States just keeps calling to us. 

Internationally, for Americans who’ve never traveled abroad before, we often recommend England, which is where my husband is from. It’s a foreign country, but the lack of a language barrier makes it a great first-timer destination. However, our true favorite is France. We love the food, culture, and history. We love practicing our French with the locals. And no, we’ve never found French people rude or unkind. That’s a stereotype I get asked about often. Frankly, I’ve had people be outwardly rude to me only twice on my travels, and those incidents were in England and Italy.

A Few of The Travel Architect’s Favorite Posts:

4. Any favorite travel tips that you can share with our readers? Whether about saving money, or the best apps, or some suitcase/backpack hack — we’re all ears! 

I’m more of a “travel stories” than a “travel tips” kind of blogger, but I do have one or two things I’ve learned from experiences that may help others. First, if you’re renting a car, as soon as you take possession of it, take a photo that includes the license plate, make, and model.  Accommodations usually ask for this information when checking travelers in, and this way you don’t have to run out to the car. 

Second: always, always, always scrutinize your travel documents for accuracy. I failed to do this once and the airline nearly succeeded in denying me boarding on my flight to Jamaica. Another time I didn’t scan a hotel website as thoroughly as I should have and ended up booking a nonrefundable room. That was for the canceled trip to Spain and I’m still on the hook for it. (So far, they keep letting me kick the can down the road.) 

5. When and why did you decide to start documenting your travels in a blog? What have you gained from blogging? 

For me, blogging is the perfect marriage of my two favorite things: writing and travel. For two decades my only writing outlet was my annual Christmas letter. Every year I got compliments on it and people suggested I start a blog, but I always thought, “What on earth would I write about?” My husband, too, often urged me to start blogging. 

One evening, fresh off an afternoon of travel planning and still experiencing some residual giddiness, our dinner conversation gave birth to the idea of a blog based around travel. I had long noticed that, despite being introverted, I could talk at length to anyone as long as travel was the topic. My husband had tried to start a blog once but it didn’t take, so the framework was there. We just transferred ownership of his blog to my name and the rest is history.  

In addition to honing my writing skills, I have gained friends (or what I like to call “blog buddies”) around the world. I’ve even met up with some of them — one in Laos, one in Thailand, and one here in Minnesota.

6. What are your travel plans this year?

After a calamitous trip to England this past Christmas when Omicron was at its peak, we’ve sworn off international travel until the US removes its testing requirement to return home (I check weekly for news of its demise). 

Still, there’s plenty to see and do in this massive country, so we’re taking advantage of that. I have my long-awaited solo spring break trip to Sedona coming up, two years after it was originally scheduled. Then we’re spending a few weeks in June with our travel trailer in Colorado where we’ll be cycling, hiking a pair of 14ers, and soaking in lots of hot springs. My 85-year-old mom and I might head out to (yet another part of) California for a few days mid-summer, an idea that’s just come about and that will provide me with many hours of glorious travel planning. 

Finally, we just booked a week in Death Valley over Christmas. We’ve been there twice before, but always in summer when it’s 125 degrees with overnight lows in the 90s. It’ll be nice to have cooler temperatures so we can finally do some hiking and not have to force-feed ourselves a diet of Gatorade and ice cubes.

Are you inspired to revamp your own blog or bring it back from the dead? Take 10 minutes right now to visit your site and do some writing.

Or maybe you never really got the hang of the basics when it comes to blogging. If that’s the case, our “Intro to Blogging” course will be perfect for you. This free, self-paced course provides not only concrete tips for your site and blog, but also the goal-setting mindset needed to keep a blog going. Register for free today: 

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Crea sitios web fascinantes con nuestras nuevas herramientas

La semana pasada abrimos el acceso a una serie de herramientas revolucionarias para crear, editar o actualizar la apariencia de un sitio web en Se trata de una sencilla funcionalidad con la que solo tienes que arrastrar y soltar bloques. 

Nos complace anunciar que la espera ha terminado y que a lo largo de las próximas semanas pondremos a disposición de todos los usuarios estas nuevas herramientas. Pero, ¿qué significa esto?

Características interesantes que encontrarás en esta versión

Vista de lista para arrastrar y soltar el contenido

Hasta ahora, para crear y personalizar el contenido de las entradas y páginas bastaba con arrastrar y soltar bloques en cualquier disposición y con cualquier estilo. 

La Edición completa del sitio lleva esa misma idea un paso más allá.

Los encabezados, pies de página, menús y otros elementos de la página que anteriormente solo se podían editar a través de código, ahora se pueden controlar a través del editor de bloques que ya estás acostumbrado a usar. Esto significa que puedes arrastrar, soltar y editar de forma visual todas y cada una de las partes de la página sin tener que escribir una sola línea de código o utilizar la vista del panel de administración. 

Cualquier página, cualquier entrada, cualquier diseño

Con el nuevo Editor del sitio podrás controlar totalmente la apariencia de las plantillas de páginas específicas: desde la página de inicio hasta las entradas individuales; desde la página 404 hasta el archivo de tu blog. La Edición completa del sitio te permite tener un control rápido y minucioso del diseño de todos y cada uno de los elementos de tu sitio web.

Comentarios visuales instantáneos

La herramienta integrada Estilos te permite realizar desde cambios sutiles hasta grandes modificaciones gracias a un conjunto intuitivo y visual de herramientas de diseño. Que tu sitio web tenga una apariencia bonita y consistente, desde la paleta de colores hasta la tipografía, es ahora una experiencia práctica e instantánea. 

Lo que significa para ti

Tanto si tienes un sitio web con nosotros como si estás a punto de crearlo, te gustará saber que no tienes que hacer nada en especial para poder utilizar la Edición completa del sitio. En cualquier caso, si decides no usar las nuevas plantillas de bloques, podrás seguir editando el sitio web exactamente de la misma manera que siempre lo has hecho.

Para sitios web de nueva creación

Próximamente todos los sitios web de nueva creación tendrán la oportunidad de elegir un tema que aproveche al máximo la experiencia de la Edición completa del sitio. Además, lanzaremos nuevos recursos, guías y documentos de ayuda para ponerte al día rápidamente. 

Para sitios web ya existentes

Durante las próximas semanas, haremos posible que en sitios ya existentes se puedan activar temas con acceso a esta nueva funcionalidad. Esto no cambiará automáticamente, por lo que te recomendamos seguir este blog para más información sobre cómo acceder a estas nuevas herramientas.

La ventaja de

Si sigues el proyecto de código abierto de WordPress, es posible que hayas oído hablar de nuevos «lanzamientos » o «versiones». La Edición completa del sitio incorpora las herramientas y funciones de la última versión de WordPress, la 5.9, que se lanzó el 25 de enero

Como proveedor de alojamiento administrado de WordPress más rápido del planeta, incluye todo lo que esperarías de WordPress 5.9 alojado en otro lugar, con velocidades de sitio ultrarrápidas e integración especializada en nuestra plataforma. Esto ayuda a garantizar que todos nuestros usuarios tengan una primera experiencia excelente con estas interesantes nuevas funciones desde el primer día. 

¡Nos encantaría saber qué piensas de esta nueva experiencia! No olvides que estamos siempre disponibles para responder cualquier pregunta que tengas mientras haces el cambio. 

¿Todo listo para comenzar?

Queremos ayudarte para que puedas aprovechar al máximo la nueva experiencia del Editor del sitio. Puedes comenzar echando un vistazo a estos recursos adicionales: 

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Full Site Editing on

Earlier this month we announced that we were giving some customers early access to Full Site Editing, a new set of powerful tools to give you more control over every aspect of your site’s design. Now, we’re excited to let you know Full Site Editing will be rolling out to all customers, starting today and continuing over the next few weeks.

Why we’re excited (and you should be too!)

With Full Site Editing, controlling the appearance of your website is easier than ever:

  • You can now use the same tools you use to create your content to edit every part of your site. This new release lets you edit your header and footer with blocks and simply by dragging and dropping the different pieces where you want them. No coding required.
  • This release also comes with the ability to edit specific page templates from your home page to a single post, to your 404 page, and even your archive pages. What’s even cooler is that you can drill down into specific template parts to edit them with more focus. 

Here’s another look at Full Site Editing in action:

  • It’s easier than ever to change the entire look and feel of your site with subtle changes in the Styles Editor. Set global colors and fine-tune your typography to give your entire site a consistent look and feel. 

What you need to know:

  • There is no action needed from you. Your current site(s) will not be changed and you can continue managing your site and creating your content in exactly the same way. 
  • We’ve been rolling this feature out to some new sites and will be switching over to all new sites in the coming days. When you start a new site, you will have a chance to choose a theme that leverages the new Full Site Editing experience. We’re actively working to put together resources to help make learning those new features easier, and maybe even fun. 
  • Over the next few weeks we will be rolling out the ability to switch your existing site over to a theme that will give you access to these features. It will not be something that we do for you so watch out for that announcement and the details on how to access these new tools. 

Again, we want to make sure you know that there’s no action needed from you. That’s one of the major benefits of managed hosting after all 😉 

What you need to know about versioning and WordPress

All changes to WordPress come in what is called a release. We keep track of these changes with a numbering system called versioning. These new tools were released in the WordPress 5.9 release, which went out on January 25th

As with all major releases, the team takes a little extra time to integrate them into our platform to help ensure that all of our users have a great first experience with these exciting new features. We’re excited to share these details of our rollout plan with you today so you know what to expect in the coming weeks. As always, please reach out if you have any questions!

Hungry for more?

  • Check out some of the full feature demos in the official WordPress 5.9 intro video 
  • Check out some of the detailed deep-dive content in our support docs.
  • Looking for more help with the new Full Site Editor (FSE)? Join our WordPress experts for a webinar and be among the first to learn how to use the new tools, which allow you to edit all parts of your site without the need for code! Register for free today!

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Ya puedes comprar plugins directamente en

Para nuestros usuarios de los planes Business y eCommerce, los plugins son un elemento fundamental de la experiencia de Por eso siempre estamos buscando la manera de hacer más fácil el proceso de descubrir e instalar los mejores plugins de WordPress.

Así que, a partir de ahora, podrás adquirir ciertos plugins directamente en la página de plugins de Pero no solo eso, además te ofrece más flexibilidad con la posibilidad de pagar mensual o anualmente.

Para ir empezando, desde la página de plugins de podrás comprar seis de nuestros plugins más utilizados para WooCommerce.

  • WooCommerce Subscriptions: Proporciona a tus clientes la opción de suscribirse a tus productos o servicios y de pagar de forma semanal, mensual o anual.
  • WooCommerce Bookings: Permite a tus clientes concertar citas, hacer reservas o alquilar material sin salir de tu sitio.
  • WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping: Envíos avanzados y flexibles. Define múltiples tarifas de envío según la ubicación, el precio, el peso, el método de envío o la cantidad de artículos.
  • WooCommerce AutomateWoo: Potente automatización de marketing para WooCommerce. AutomateWoo dispone de todas las herramientas que necesitas para hacer crecer tu tienda y tus ingresos.
  • WooCommerce Shipment Tracking: Añade información de seguimiento de envíos a tus pedidos.
  • WooCommerce Xero: Ahorra tiempo con la sincronización automática entre WooCommerce y tu cuenta de Xero.

Comprar un plugin a través de la nueva interfaz de es muy sencillo. En la página de plugins, haz clic en una de las tarjetas de plugin de pago para dirigirte a la página de detalles del producto. Una vez ahí, haz clic en el botón comprar en la parte superior derecha de la página. No se completará tu compra hasta que confirmes la información y el método de pago en la siguiente página. El plugin se instalará automáticamente.

Pero este anuncio es solo el principio: habrá más plugins de pago y más noticias en los próximos meses. Cuéntanos en los comentarios qué plugins te gustaría que estuvieran disponibles para comprarlos directamente en

¡No te pierdas las noticias y haz clic aquí para echar un vistazo a los plugins!

Recordamos que todos los plugins, tanto gratuitos como de pago, están disponibles actualmente solo para los usuarios de con un plan Business o eCommerce. Si quieres comprar o mejorar tu plan al plan Business anual, haz clic aquí para hacerte con un 25 % de descuento durante el primer año.

Código promocional: PLUGINSBLOG25

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Bloganuary: A Resounding Success!

Even though you can build any type of website on, from an eCommerce store to a photography portfolio, blogs still make up the majority of our 60 million plus sites. To improve interaction and connection with these bloggers, we tried something new: Bloganuary, a writing challenge throughout the month of January, where we provided daily prompts to inspire people to publish blog posts.

Never having run a month long blogging challenge before, we didn’t know what to expect. Would bloggers join in? Would the community appreciate this? 

But the results were incredible! Thousands of participants joined in from around the world, blogging in different languages. Perhaps what warmed our hearts the most, though, was we got to see first-hand how close our community of global bloggers really is. People liked and commented on shared posts, watched their audiences grow, and followed new sites they didn’t previously know about. 

But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what some of Bloganuary’s participants had to say (some grammar edits were made for clarity purposes):

An excellent initiative. So much variety. I think, “what will I say?” and then come up with something unexpected. Have been on hiatus with my account through some of [the] lockdown. What a great way to get back into the swing of things. Thank you 😊

– Storyteller,

#bloganuary was a chance for me to actually live in a community where we write, we read what others have to say and perhaps share our stories with each other. Every individual has a distinctive power through which he communicates with others, some by painting, others sing and we…WRITE. The spark of this whole challenge was how one topic can cause ripples in many ways and how many unique perspectives there are in a single topic.

– SaniaDiary,

This is a real challenge, something I have never done before. I normally write a blog every few months but starting in February, I think it will be weekly. I have thoroughly enjoyed #bloganuary so far and intend to go all the way. 🙂

– johnarthurbetts

With such a great response to Bloganuary, we’re working to find new ways to engage with our community, so keep an eye out for some new and exciting challenges this year!

And if blogging publicly isn’t your preferred way to write, consider the Day One app, which allows you to journal privately.

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Webinars gratuitos para el mes de Febrero

¿Te gustaría aprender cómo crear un sitio web o una tienda virtual? ¿Ya tienes un blog pero te gustaría aprender como monetizarlo? ¡Apúntate a uno de nuestros webinars gratuitos!

Cada dos semanas organizamos un taller virtual en el que puedes participar gratuitamente. Cada sesión dura alrededor de 30 minutos en los cuáles verás una presentación y podrás participar en una ronda de preguntas para aclarar tus dudas.

Aquí está la agenda para los próximos webinars en español:

2 de febrero Construcción de webs 101
16 de febrero Construcción de webs 201

Podrás apuntarte haciendo clic en el webinar que te interesa o, directamente desde este enlace.

Si te has perdido uno al que querías asistir, no te preocupes; lo vídeos se colgarán en nuestro canal de YouTube.

¡Nos vemos!

Source: 15 Has a New Home on YouTube

The promise of the internet is nearly as big as the internet itself. With endless knowledge at your fingertips and electrifying inspiration everywhere you look, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to build your own website — your own way. 

Today, that became easier. We’re thrilled to announce the brand-new YouTube channel.

Whether you’re just starting out or are the seasoned pro your friends turn to, this channel is here to support all your website-building needs. Our step-by-step tutorials will have you up and running in 10 minutes — turning frustration into celebration. Follow along, find the answers you need, and become the authority in your own experience. 

And we’re not stopping at education and support. Above all, this channel will showcase you. Nothing speaks louder than our users’ success stories, and we want to share them all.

From first-time bloggers to ecommerce wizards, we’re going to bring them together to share their stories. What better way to learn than from each other?

With more than 15 years powering the open web, we’re here to support your journey: your successes, your learning experiences, and your fabulous ideas coming to life. Wherever you are on that path, we’ve got you covered.

Join us on YouTube — you won’t want to miss the educational content and community highlights coming to the channel. 📺

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Buy Paid Plugins Directly on

For users on our Business and eCommerce Plans, plugins are a critical part of the experience. We’re always looking for ways to simplify the process of discovering and installing powerful WordPress plugins.

As a result, we’re now making it possible to purchase certain plugins directly on the plugin page. Not only that, but will offer monthly and annual plugin pricing which provides site owners more flexibility.

Initially, you can purchase six of our most popular WooCommerce plugins on the plugins page.

  • WooCommerce Subscriptions — Allow customers to subscribe to your products or services and pay on a weekly, monthly or annual basis.
  • WooCommerce Bookings — Allow customers to book appointments, make reservations or rent equipment without leaving your site.
  • WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping — Advanced, flexible shipping. Define multiple shipping rates based on location, price, weight, shipping class or item count.
  • WooCommerce AutomateWoo — Powerful marketing automation for WooCommerce. AutomateWoo has the tools you need to grow your store and make more money.
  • WooCommerce Shipment Tracking — Add shipment tracking information to your orders.
  • WooCommerce Xero — Save time with automated sync between WooCommerce and your Xero account.

Purchasing a plugin via the new interface is simple. On the plugins page, click on one of the paid plugin cards to be redirected to a detailed product listing page. When you’re ready, click the purchase button in the top right of the product listing page. Your purchase won’t be final until you confirm your payment method and details on the following page. The plugin will be installed automatically.

This announcement is just the start — look for more paid plugins and other exciting updates over the coming months. Let us know in the comments below what plugins you would like to see available for purchase directly on

Stay tuned and click here to begin exploring plugins now!

As a reminder, all plugins (free or paid) are currently only available to customers with a Business or eCommerce Plan. If you’re interested in purchasing or upgrading to an annual Business Plan, click here for a 25% discount off your first year.

Promo code: PLUGINSBLOG25

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Connect With Your Audience: Integrate Social Media With Your Website

Integrating your social media presence with your website has never been easier. We offer many options and tools that are available on all plans, at no additional cost. Whether you want to auto-share your website posts to a social media platform, display your social media posts on your website, provide links to your various accounts, or encourage your website visitors to share your content, we’ve got what you need to connect with your audience. 

Posting to Social Media

All plans include Publicize, a feature that lets you automate posting to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Tumblr. When you set up and configure these social media accounts to your site, every new post you publish will automatically post to the platforms you’ve selected. This is a great way to repurpose your website content on your social channels, reach your audience where they already are, and drive traffic to your site. 

Integrate Social Media - Publicize

It’s important to note that Publicize cannot push posts to Instagram since Instagram doesn’t allow auto-posting from third-party services. However, if you’re on the Business plan or ecommerce plan, then you could consider using a third-party automation tool such as Buffer or Hootsuite, both of which can be connected to your site using plugins. There may be other tools that offer this feature as well, though you’ll want to research their limitations and plans to learn more.*

*Please note that third-party tools and plugins are outside the scope of support.

Social Media Feeds on Your Site

Another option that offers is displaying your social media platforms on your website. You can add widgets, blocks, or feeds to your site to display posts from your social media accounts in real-time. This can help you stay connected with your audience when they’re taking a break from social media, but still checking your site. offers built-in features for displaying your social media feeds from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and TikTok, to name a few. We also provide a number of support documents to help walk you through the options for these embedding features.

Integrate Social Media - Social Media Feeds

Social Media Menus

You can also strengthen the cross-connection between your website and your social media platforms with the addition of social media menus. Many themes offer a dedicated Social Menu that allows you to connect your site to various social media platforms and display their respective icons on your site.

If your theme doesn’t offer this menu option, you can still create social media-style menus using our Social Icons Block. This ensures that your audience knows how to easily find you on your preferred social media platforms.

Integrate Social Media - Social Media Menus

Social Sharing

Last but not least, don’t forget to enlist your visitors to share the love from your website to their social accounts by setting up’s Social Sharing option.

This feature allows you to choose which social platforms you want to encourage your visitors to spread the word by providing a Share button on every piece of content you publish. Nothing connects your audience more than the ability to share.

Integrate Social Media - Social Sharing provides you with multiple built-in tools to make your website the centralized hub for connecting and integrating with your social media platforms—at no additional cost—so you can connect to your audience smoothly and seamlessly, all while driving traffic to your website. will be hosting a live special topic webinar on Tuesday, February 22, 2022 at 19:00 UTC. Join our WordPress experts to learn all of the essential tips to integrate social media with your website and how to add Link in Bio pages to your website. Register for free today!

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