Bookmark Posts with Save For Later

Maybe you’re reading a blog post while sipping your morning tea when you suddenly realize it’s getting late, or you’re browsing on the bus — but you just got to your stop.

The Reader is a great for to catching up with your favorite blogs or exploring interesting new reads. And now, you can save those posts and resume reading at your leisure with Save For Later.

How does it work?

First, make sure you have the newest version of the  WordPress app on your phone or tablet — version 10.2. Open the app, and head into the Reader.

Saving content for later

Whenever you find a post you’d like to save for later, tap the bookmark icon (Bookmark outlined). The icon will change from an outline to a solid color (Bookmark solid background) so you know the post has been saved.

Repeat the process as many times as you like! You can save posts from your list of Followed Sites, Discover, Search, or My Likes — anywhere in the Reader.

Reading your saved content

When you’re ready to read, open the app again, go back to the Reader, and select Saved Posts. Everything you saved will be waiting for you there, even if your device is offline.

Once you’ve read a post, you can remove it by tapping the bookmark icon again.

A few other notes

In this initial release, images aren’t guaranteed to be available offline. More importantly, Saved Posts is currently a device-specific feature — saved posts aren’t synced between devices or the web, so they’re only available on the device where you saved them. Logging out or uninstalling the app will delete them.

Give feedback and get involved

The WordPress mobile apps are free and available on both Android and iOS.

If you have any questions or feedback, reach out to our in-app support team by tapping Me → Help & Support → Contact Us.

If you’re a developer and would like to contribute to the project, learn how you can get involved.

Happy reading, now or later!



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Field Notes: WooCommerce Workshop for Women

Automatticians, the people who build, participate in events and projects around the world every day. Periodically, they report back on the exciting things they do in the community.

Members of Automattic’s Happiness team have traveled to Southeast Asia three times since last September to meet people in communities across the region. Our goal? To encourage people based in South Asia to apply to join us in supporting, WooCommerce, and Jetpack users.

In January 2018, the Happiness Engineer Hiring team, our Events Team, and Mahangu Weerasinghe, a Happiness team lead, collaborated to take a slightly different approach to recruitment in the region. Automattic is a company that aims to build a diverse and inclusive work environment, yet we’d been seeing significantly lower numbers of women applying from South and Southeast Asia. There are a few efforts in the WordPress community to encourage and empower women to get more involved, and we decided the add our voice by organizing a workshop for women. Our plan was straightforward: a free, one-day workshop to inspire participants to set up an online store for themselves or put their newfound skills to use for clients. We talked about the Membership and Subscription extensions for WooCommerce and the Sensei plugin — invaluable tools for enhancing an online store, setting up recurring payments, and managing memberships.

The first workshop took place in January. We chose Udaipur, India, thanks to its strong WordPress community. We attended WordCamp Udaipur, which was organized by an all-female team, and took the opportunity to staff a booth there while our colleague, Rahul Gupta, gave a presentation about how WordPress helped him put food on the table. The next day, we welcomed 40 women to the workshop, exceeding our expectations and requiring us to bring in extra seats!

After the workshop, we invited the community to join us for networking over tea and chatted again with some of the folks we’d met the day before. While the main focus of our trip was outreach to women, we also wanted to do something for the larger community.

One of the attendees was Digication’s Surbhi Jain, who works on digital literacy and skills in India and runs WordPress workshops for students — including in remote areas — increasing awareness and teaching WordPress hands-on. Surbhi attended our workshop to level up her skills and to network, and she’s been helping us spread the word about our hiring efforts since the event.

From Udaipur we traveled to Mumbai, where we taught an abbreviated version of the workshop to women of the local WordPress meetup community. We invited them to learn about options they could use to turn their online store into a membership site and to create and manage products with recurring payments.

We had such a positive response in India that we decided to try the workshop model in Singapore, a city with a strong technology community. The Happiness Engineer Hiring team, affectionately known as Athena, met up with Leviosa, another Happiness team, to co-host the workshop. Two team members, Kruti Dugade and Rose Pajaroja, led the sessions. Kruti had recently joined Automattic — after attending our visit to the Mumbai WordPress user group in September! Again, we drew from the local WordPress community to find attendees and also reached out to other women-in-tech groups. Just like in India, we had a very positive response.

One of my favorite moments during this trip happened at the networking event directly following the workshop. I was standing in a circle of six women — three young women who worked at a web-design firm together, one woman in her 50s who was running a successful family-powered marketing business, an expat from the US, and me. We chatted for quite a while as they shared the struggles and joys of tech in Singapore. It was fascinating to get a glimpse of their work and lives, and learn about the commonalities and differences in our experiences of navigating both.

Since this series of events, we’ve seen an increase of applicants from the region, both male and female. We’ve already hired two new Automatticians from among the people we met during our trip and hope to welcome more in the months to come.

As we strive to provide world-class support to our customers in South and Southeast Asia, we want our team to reflect as many of the diverse communities across this vast region. If you or someone you know is interested, we’re hiring.

Meeting new WordPress friends in India in Singapore was a wonderful experience. While we don’t currently have plans for similar workshops, we hope to have more opportunities in the future to connect with people from other regions.

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DAFO CAI Granada


Reflexionar sobre el modelo de participación de los niños, niñas y adolescentes en los Centros de Acogida Inmediata (CAI) de Granada, dependientes de la Delegación Territorial de Salud, Igualdad y Política Social de la Junta de Andalucía

– Idioma
– Cultura
– Adicciones
– Continuidad
– Influencias
– Desajustes
– Integración
– Equipo psicosocioeducativo
– Instalaciones
– Recursos
– Educativas
– Laborales
– Sociales
– Mediación intercultural
– Proyectos individuales participativos y reales
– Ampliación amparo

– Participación en el barrio
– Escuela de idiomas
– Talleres a demanda: ofimática, deportivos,…
– Formación básica y en función de los interés del chico/a
– Reorganización grupal participativa
– Toma de decisiones participativas
– Integración escolar
– Formación para el empleo
– Pertenencia a asociaciones, grupos, religiosos, voluntarios,…

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¿Por qué has escogido esa experiencia?
Fomentar la participación y la vida asociativa de niños/ as en Cruz Roja, así como su futura incorporación a la Institución como voluntarios/as de pleno derecho. Paralelamente se pretende involucrar a los niños y niñas afiliados a Cruz Roja Juventud en la toma de decisiones que les afectan en el ámbito de la asociación, haciéndoles partícipes de las mismas.

¿Qué es lo más destacable / novedoso de esa iniciativa con relación a la promoción de la participación infantil y/o adolescente?
Que los niños y jóvenes toman decisiones.

¿Qué posibles retos puede plantear a la hora de llevar a la práctica dicha iniciativa en otros contextos?
Lograr un objetivo fundamental, participar en el desarrollo de todo aquello que le puede afectar directamente, mediante el asociacionismo, instrumento fundamental para la participación colectiva.
¿Cómo se podrían afrontar dichos retos?

Creando en los niños y jóvenes encuentros participativos ACTIVOS, donde sean los protagonistas de sus decisiones.

Según modelo Clarity de Lardner:


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¿Qué artículos de la CDN consideras de especial cumplimiento para la protección de los niños, niñas y adolescentes con los que trabajas?

Fundamentado en la pirámide de Maslow:
Serían básico comenzar por satisfacer las necesidades básicas, cumpliendo los artículos relacionados con la supervivencia y el desarrollo, dícese de los artículos del 27 al 31.

¿Qué artículo de la CDN tiene especial consideración en tu ámbito de trabajo?

Los artículos relacionados con la protección, por citar un artículo podría ser el art. 20:
“1. Los niños temporal o permanentemente privados de su medio familiar, o cuyo superior interés exija que no permanezcan en ese medio, tendrán derecho a la protección y asistencia especiales del Estado.
2. Los Estados Partes garantizarán, de conformidad con sus leyes nacionales, otros tipos de cuidado para esos niños.
3. Entre esos cuidados figurarán, entre otras cosas, la colocación en hogares de guarda, la kafala del derecho islámico, la adopción o de ser necesario, la colocación en instituciones adecuadas de protección de menores. Al considerar las soluciones, se prestará particular atención a la conveniencia de que haya continuidad en la educación del niño y a su origen étnico, religioso, cultural y lingüístico”

¿Cuáles son los grupos de niños, niñas y adolescentes más discriminados en tu entorno?

Los menores inmigrantes, principalmente los de origen magrebí.
¿Qué artículos de la CDN no se están aplicando en el caso de estos niños y adolescentes?

Concretar los artículos cuando todos están relacionados, es difícil y más cuando los derechos constitucionales de la ciudadanía no se cumplen. Me explico, si la Constitución recoge que el ciudadano español tiene derecho a una vivienda digna, la cual no tiene, hace que el menor tampoco tenga esa vivienda, así sucesivamente, con la alimentación adecuada, educación (que deja de ser obligatoria a los 16 años),…
Si a ello añadimos las distintas culturas y sus usos-costumbres, son muchos los artículos que no se cumplen, tanto en protección, como en explotación.
Sin ir muy lejos, la violencia machista, ¿no sufren malos tratos los menores que viven en su casa dicha violencia?
Finalmente, la participación, ¿se ha contado alguna vez con los menores para la toma de decisiones que les afecten directamente? ¿O solo hacemos pruebas de conocimientos para ver el nivel de este?
Yo creo que la CDN es una utopía, que es necesaria, pues siempre debemos intentar el máximo, pero que está muy lejos de nuestra realidad.

Para cada uno de los principios fundamentales de la CDN evalúa si se cumplen o no y como se llevan a cabo en el ámbito laboral en el que desarrollas tu actividad.

De entrada no se cumple la finalidad de la CDN que es garantizar el bienestar y desarrollo de la infancia, con la idea de que la calidad de vida ha de ser un derecho fundamental. Es un instrumento normativo que vela porque los Estados hagan un esfuerzo para que así sea.
Pero dentro de los principios fundamentales el que más se incumple es el participación, dado que ellos no participan en el proceso de toma de decisiones.

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New Privacy Features and Updated Policies

We’re rolling out updates to our privacy features and policies in the coming weeks. You’ll have more control over your personal information and more detail on what information we keep and what we do with it. The updates will also make sure we comply with new privacy laws, and will help you do the same for your own website or store.  

Our New Privacy Features

Over the past several months, we’ve upgraded many of the privacy-related features on, Jetpack, WooCommerce, and other Automattic products. We want to give you more visibility into the personal data we use and more control over the data you share with us.

In recent weeks, we’ve added:

  • More detailed information on the data our products collect and use, like the information you’ll find in the new Jetpack Privacy Center, as well in-product notifications for privacy-related information.
  • Opt-outs for data uses, like the ability to turn off Automattic’s first-party analytics system on your Jetpack site.  
  • Additional contracts (Data Processing Agreements) for paid users who require them to comply with data protection and privacy laws. If you need a Data Processing Agreement, let us know by contacting support for your product.

Over the coming weeks we plan to launch:

  • A way for users to request access to their personal data.
  • Account closure for accounts.
  • Opt-outs for Automattic’s first party analytics system for users.
  • An updated cookie policy that explains the cookies we use in our services.

We’re also releasing features to help you and your site meet the requirements of new privacy laws, like Europe’s new General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) that goes into effect on May 25, 2018. You can read the full text of the GDPR, as well as the European Commission’s summary. Our new features include: a new “cookie and consent” notification that and Jetpack site owners can add to their sites, and tools for our merchants to manage data access and deletion requests from their customers.

These updates are in addition to the privacy protections we’ve always had in place to help you control your content, keep it secure, or even move your site to another WordPress host.

What’s New in Our Policies?

We also updated our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Service. Here are some of the updates you’ll see:

  • We GDPR-ized our Privacy Policy. You’ll now see sections explaining your data protection and privacy rights, how long we keep information, and how we handle transfers of personal data outside the EU.
  • We included and Polldaddy in our Automattic-wide Privacy Policy. No more fragmenting: we’re retiring and Polldaddy’s separate privacy policies — our privacy practices should be straightforward and easy to understand, so now you only have to understand one.
  • We included more real-world, concrete examples in our Privacy Policy to give you a clearer picture of how we collect and use personal information. There’s specific information about how we make Reader recommendations, how Gravatar works, and how we use information for our marketing.  
  • We added a new Privacy Notice to explain the data that we collect, on behalf of our users, about visitors to our users’ websites. 
  • We updated our Terms of Service to reflect the importance of data protection and privacy laws. Our Terms of Service (and those for Automattic Ads) require that our users comply with applicable laws and regulations as the site owners, and, for added clarity, we included privacy and data protection laws as one of the specific examples.

Our new Privacy Policy and Terms of Service will take effect on May 25, 2018. We’re releasing them now to give you time to take a look at them. If you continue to use our services on or after May 25, 2018, you acknowledge that your use will be subject to our new Privacy Policy and you agree to be bound by our new Terms.

And there’s more to come! We’ll announce more detailed information about privacy features on — follow us there for the latest.

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Transfer Your Existing Domain to

Giving your website its own custom domain has long been a powerful way to make your site stand out — a personalized web address helps you tell the world who you are and what you offer. If you registered your domain on, you already had the power to build a website and manage a domain all in one place. But what if you didn’t? The one missing piece was the ability to transfer existing domains you’d already registered elsewhere.

Today, we’re happy to announce that domain transfers from other providers are welcome at If you’re already itching to move your domain, our support page will guide you through the process.

If you’re not ready to transfer your domain to, no worries. You can still leave your domain registered at your current registrar and map it here instead. Not sure which option is better for you? There are several advantages to moving your domain to

  • It’s easier to manage both your site and your domain from the same place.
  • The domain credit that comes with any plan you buy can be used to transfer a domain. When your plan renews, so does your domain.
  • Instead of paying a registrar for your domain and paying us to map it, a single charge covers both.

If you’ve already used the domain credit to map your domain, we have good news: you can transfer that domain to for free!

Not sure whether you should transfer your domain here or map it? You can find more information to help you choose the best option for you.

If you’ve already transferred your domain to and want to share your experience, or have any questions or feedback, please leave a comment below. We’d love to hear from you.

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Find the Perfect Image with the Free Photo Library

You’re finishing up a blog post and want to add a photo, but you don’t have the right image. There’s a solution right in your WordPress mobile app: the Free Photo Library.

As part of our never-ending mission to improve Media in the WordPress apps, you now have access to over 40,000 free, high-quality photos (courtesy of Pexels) right from the WordPress mobile app. It’s available to every member.

(Did we mention that they’re free? And so are the WordPress apps, if you still haven’t downloaded one!  They’re available here.)

How does it work?

To get started, make sure you’ve updated the WordPress app on your phone or tablet to the latest version (9.9). Once you’ve updated the app, you can find and add free photos to your library directly from the post and page editor, or from within the Media Library:

Adding from the Editor

Open the Editor by either creating a new post or opening an existing one. Once you’ve opened the Editor, tap the Add Media icon to open the Media Picker. You’ll see a few different options to choose from: device, camera, or WordPress media.

If you’re on Android, tap the Device Media icon ( Device Library ), and select “Choose from Free Photo Library” from the menu.

If you’re on iOS: tap the ••• icon, and select “Free Photo Library” from the options.

Next, search for a photo to add to your post. Select as many images as you’d like and tap the “Add” button on the bottom right of the screen. That’s it! The images are inserted  into your post or page, and they’re also added to your Media Library seamlessly. (Note: these images will count against your site’s media storage limits.)

Adding from the Media Library

To add from your Media Library, navigate to My Sites ( My Sites ) and choose your site. From there, navigate to “Media, tap the Add Media button in the top right corner, and select “Free Photo Library” from the menu.

From here, the process is the same: select as many photos as you want and tap “Add” to put them into your post or page and your Media Library.

Give Feedback and Get Involved

The WordPress mobile apps are free and available on both iOS and Android!

If you have any questions or feedback, reach out to our in-app support team by tapping Me → Help & Support → Contact Us.

If you’re a developer and would like to contribute to the project, learn how you can get involved.


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A Better Way to Find Your Next Domain Name

One of the very first steps in building a website is picking a domain name — one that’s memorable, and that tells people who you are. It’s the first part of your site that people encounter, so you want one that’s just right.

To make sure you find that just right domain, we’ve renovated’s domain search with:

  • A modern design that makes it easy to see and compare all your options.
  • Intelligent recommendations, drawn from more than 300+ top-level domains like .com and .blog.
  • Important information about availability and value for all your recommended domains, front and center.

Take a look:

Best of all, this search tool works for both new and existing websites. To explore new domains for your current site, head to My Sites → Domains.

If you notice any anything amiss while looking for your perfect domain, let us know by leaving a comment here. And if you just had a great experience and landed a new domain, we’d love to hear that, too!

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