Join us in a Digital Climate Strike

With fires raging in the Amazon, hurricanes ripping across the Atlantic, and typhoons flooding Japan, our planet and our climate are sending us a message: We can no longer continue with business as usual.

The week starting September 20th, is organizing a Global Climate Strike, in association with Fridays For Future, to show global leaders that the time to act is now. Alongside the people walking out of workplaces, schools, and homes around the world, is organizing a digital climate strike. Websites participating in the digital strike will promote the physical strikes in the lead-up to the date, and partially block themselves to users on September 20th itself. That is where you come in!

Starting today, you can opt into the digital climate strike with your site, showing your commitment to this critical topic and spreading the word about the event. Between now and September 20th, your site will display a small climate strike banner. On the 20th, it will transform into a dismissible full-screen overlay. site owners can head to My Site > Settings. At the top of the Settings menu, you will see a toggle switch — flip it on to join the digital climate strike.

Other WordPress sites can also join the movement by installing the Digital Climate Strike plugin from the plugin repository.

After the day of action, the banner will automatically disappear (or if you’ve installed the plugin, it will automatically disable) and your site will return to normal.

Together we can make a difference, and we hope you’ll join us in supporting this movement.

Source: 38 and Fiverr Partner to Launch “ Fundamentals” Course

Getting your new business website ready for launch? Want a little hand-holding — a step-by-step tutorial on setting up a site from start to finish, that you can work on at your own pace and on your own time? “ Fundamentals,” a comprehensive video course created with our friends over at Fiverr, walks you through all the fundamentals in 90 minutes.

The course covers the basics of setting up a business website, but anyone new to can benefit from lessons on how to create an account, set up a site, customize a theme, publish content, and share it on social media. It was developed by Happiness Engineers with years of experience guiding thousands of new customers in chat, email, forums, and concierge sessions, so you know you’re getting expert guidance from people who know every tip and trick.

The entire course is just $31, which includes unlimited access to all the course materials, quizzes, and downloadable resources. Take it all at once, or learn at the pace that works for you — the course is divided into bite-sized chapters that you can refer to as many times as you need.

Students are also eligible for a discount of 25% on plan upgrades! So if you’ve been hesitating to explore the advanced features in the Premium, Business, or eCommerce plans, the course gives you both a great introduction to the ease and power of and a lower-cost way to try them out.

To get started, head over to the course page on the Learn from Fiverr website. Click on the green “Buy Course” button, and follow the prompts to create an account and purchase the course. And until the end of September, get 30% off the course fee by entering coupon code learnwordpress at checkout.

And if you do take the class, let us know what you think. Fiverr will send out a survey to all students after completing the class, so be sure to fill it out. We want to know what works for you, what you’d like to see more of, and where we can improve.

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Restaurante Sangacho (hermano pequeño Conjuro)

Este fin de semana hemos disfrutado,de la mano de nuestro amigo Antonio,las jornadas de los pinchos en el Sangacho.

Este restaurante,conocido como la versión más informal del conjuro,(o su hermano pequeño), nos ha sorprendido con unas maravillosas jornadas que confunden los sentidos y el paladar.

Antonio ha puesto a trabajar todo su ingenio y creatividad para conseguir esos excepcionales platos y sabores.

Magnífico ambiente,amenizado con un grupito de música,que le dio un valor añadido.Hay os dejo algunas fotitos:

Y para hacer este fin de semana inolvidable,no podíamos dejar de visitar al hermano mayor,el Conjuro,que,como siempre,ha estado sublime…

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When Experienced Women Engineers Look for New Jobs, They Prioritize Trust and Growth

How can we increase gender representation in software engineering?

Our Developer Hiring Experience team analyzed this topic in a recent user-research study. The issue resonated with women engineers and a strong response enabled the team to gain deeper insight than is currently available from online research projects.

Seventy-one engineers who identified as women or non-binary responded to our request for feedback. Out of that pool, 24 answered a follow-up survey, and we carried out in-depth interviews with 14 people. This was a highly skilled group, with the majority having worked in software development for over 10 years. 

While some findings aligned with our expectations, we still uncovered a few surprises. 

The Job Hunt

In initial job hunts, respondents were found to rely heavily on their existing networks and on personal outreach from companies.

If they do not have a pre-existing connection with a company, they’ll likely scrutinize it for red flags before they submit an application. Job descriptions are searched for any discouraging language — for example, if parental leave descriptions only refer to mothers. Information — about the job, salary, team, and hiring process — is key for encouraging applications.

Stack Overflow is a popular resource for job hunting; whereas Glassdoor is viewed as less useful, and more as a venting forum for former employees or unsuccessful candidates. 

The Hiring Process

The most favorable hiring processes represent a growth opportunity, rather than being purely evaluative. Communication and responsiveness are important, as is the visibility of other women within the team. For some participants, interviewing is seen as a skill to maintain. These developers are continually keeping an eye on job listings to stay abreast of their options. However, the chance for growth was the most widespread reason for actually leaving a current position. 

Job Satisfaction 

Consistently being able to have an impact, including leadership opportunities, stood out as important; if this is lacking, experienced women engineers are likely to seek new employment. Dissatisfaction can also be caused by being pushed onto the management track and having to fight to continue to focus on technical work. 

The data showed women are looking for more communities focused on connecting to other senior-level women, and around more technical topics. Concerns around online harassment can put women off trying to build their network online. 

Changes at Automattic 

We are working on Automattic’s employment branding to reflect our findings. We are in the process of gathering resources to better describe work at Automattic, and we’re encouraging existing developers to increase their visibility outside of the company — whether through writing or engaging in their communities. 

In job postings, we have removed any gameplay or language that emphasizes hiring as a competitive process — for instance, we no longer mention application volume. Instead, job postings highlight learning and career opportunities for the candidate. Adding the term “Senior” to postings is also being tested. Although this implies a job ladder that does not necessarily exist here, the research clarified that its absence sent the message that all positions are mid-level roles, without the path to growth that women candidates tend to look for. 

We are also managing candidates’ expectations by making the whole hiring process more transparent, and have created a public page outlining the hiring process.

We’ve made it easier for interested applicants to have casual chats with other women at Automattic. We also offer candidates the opportunity for one-on-one calls with a member of the Developer Experience team during the final stages of hiring; this has started with under-indexed candidates but with a view to rolling it out to everyone. These chats take place outside of the formal hiring process to provide an opportunity for the applicant to ask any questions they have and for the company to better understand their career goals and motivation. 

We are tracking the progress made and are excited to be able to contribute data to the field of gender representation in engineering. If you’d like to take a more in-depth look at our study, please do download the PDF!

Interested to learn what positions are currently open at Automattic? We’re always hiring

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Restaurante El Espeto.

Lo ideal para comer pescado en un sitio céntrico en granada.El salmorejo con ceviche de langostinos buenísimo,las alcachofas con anchoas exquisitas y de la tierra (nada de alcachofas de bote como en otros lugares),el espeto de sardinas riquísimo y que decir del calamar espetado…Volveré sin duda. Algo más que destacar,la amabilidad de los camareros…

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The Second Edition of Our “Learn User Support” Workshop Is Open for Signups

Back in January, we partnered with Support Driven and launched the first version of the Learn User Support Workshop, which helps women in the Asia-Pacific region develop the skills they need to succeed in a technical support role. We had 24 students enrolled in our first cohort.

Today, we’re happy to share that the next edition of the Learn User Support Workshop will launch on August 19, 2019. The course is entirely web-based — there’s no need to travel anywhere to attend — and completely free. So if you identify as a woman, are based in the Asia-Pacific region, and are serious about a career in user support, this might be a perfect match for you.

Building a better, bigger workshop

The strong positive feedback we received from our students earlier this year, as well as the increasingly long waitlist, inspired us to improve the course content and to design it to accommodate more learners. 

What topics will we cover? As a participant, expect to learn how to…

  • Develop your own support philosophy.
  • Build successful troubleshooting strategies.
  • Manage challenging interactions.
  • Implement productivity tools.
  • Optimize your approach to applying and interviewing for jobs in support.

This six-module course will start on August 19 and will run through September 29. We will publish a new module every Monday, and each learner will have one week to complete it. We’ll include lots of hands-on work, and by the end of the course, each participant will also develop a résumé and portfolio site on WordPress that they can then share with potential employers.

Meet your friendly organizers

As for your teachers, the people who lead this workshop are Automattic Happiness Engineers — master communicators with deep, wide-ranging experience in distributed technical support. 

Automattic, which offers the workshop, is a fully-distributed company — there are more than 930 full-time Automatticians spread across 70 countries and speaking 88 languages. We serve users from every corner of the world via products like, Jetpack, and WooCommerce, among others

As people who believe in the benefits of distributed work, we love helping remote professionals level up their skills. Our commitment to Diversity & Inclusion leads us to look for ways to make the tech sector more representative of the wide and varied world it serves. As a result, this virtual workshop will equip Asia-Pacific-based women who are — or want to become — support professionals with skills that are specifically tailored to the demands of remote work.  

Are you ready to sign up? Just click below:


We have 20 slots for this cohort on a first come, first serve basis.

We will get in touch with you via email if you are selected for the course. If you know anyone who might be a good fit, feel free to share this post with them!

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Ruta del Veleta

En una sola frase y tratando de resumir muchísimo,este restaurante destaca por la exquisita y cuidada comida, buen servicio y fantástico lugar.

Este lugar es un referente en Granada,no importa el tiempo que pase,nunca decepciona. Esta un sitio precioso y con magníficas vistas,emblemático.

Por poner un defecto,las bebidas un poco caras, pero la excelente comida mítica todo lo negativo.

Algo muy destacable,al pedir los los entrantes te preguntan si quieres compartirlos, y en ese caso te sirven el contenido del plato en dos individuales,facilitandote la degustación. Platos amplios…

Un lujo para todos los sentidos, mis felicitaciones a toda la familia Pedraza.

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Four New Color Schemes

We heard you: You want bolder and brighter colors on Today we’re bringing your dashboard to life with four new color schemes: introducing Midnight, Sunset, Ocean, and Contrast.

You may recognize some of these colors as old friends. Midnight, Sunset, and Ocean are based on early versions of WordPress — a nod to our roots as we evolve:

If bright and bold isn’t your jam, you might prefer Contrast, a black-and-white scheme meant to bring your dashboard into sharp focus:

Screenshot of the dashboard with Contrast color scheme applied.

As part of our commitment to inclusive design, the new palettes are optimized for contrast and increased legibility. Whichever color scheme you choose, your dashboard remains stylish and readable.

Here’s how to customize your color scheme:

  1. On your desktop, sign in to the account that you’d like to customize.
  2. Click your account avatar in the upper right corner.
  3. Select Account Settings
  4. Select one of the options under Dashboard Color Scheme
  5. Click Save Account Settings to apply the change
Screenshot of the Account Settings.

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More Stats, Better Stats, Faster Stats: A Whole New Mobile Experience

If you’re like me, Stats is one of your most-visited screens in your WordPress app — we all want to know people are reading! Whether you use iOS or Android, the latest versions have Stat updates that bring you more useful data, faster. Updates to the layout, available statistics, and how they’re handled behind the scenes mean you can hone in what’s most important to you and to your site’s growth.

What’s new?

All-new design

Stats got a facelift!. The numbers are easier to read, easier to compare, and easier to track over time.

Customise your stats

Blogger who wants to keep an eye on your follower count, a business owner who wants a quick update on daily views? Insights Management lets you choose what stats to include so your at-a-glance updates include what’s most important to you. (This feature is only available on Android at the moment, and is coming soon to iOS.)

Zero in on time periods

Use the new dedicated date bar on the days, weeks, months and years tabs, to explore date ranges.

Stats at a glance

Your Insights tab is now optimised for quick updates so you can get key information about your site’s performance all on one screen.

How do I find this?

Update your app to the latest version. You can find them here, or in your Apple Store or Google Play. And that’s it! Head to Stats for any of your site for a new and improved analytics experience.

We understand how important stats are — we run websites, too! — so we’re always working to develop and improve them. We’d love to hear about your experience with the latest and greatest!

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Primer día Granada-Narbona

Narbona es una pequeña ciudad rodeada de canales que merece la pena ver. La plaza principal y el Palacio del Arzobispo es medieval y conservan parte de la calzada romana.

En el centro del pueblo comimos en un restaurante y lo mejor de todo,además de la tarta 3 chocolates crujiente y el salmón,fue los mejillones a la Narbona…

Segundo día Narbona-Annecy-Chamonix (Argenteire)

Annecy se parece a una pequeña Venecia,llena de canales y agua.El castillo es excepcional….

Estuvimos comiendo cerca del río y la tabla de embutidos estaba sensacional así como el tartiflette….hecho a base de patata,huevos,queso y bacon..


Tercer dia,Chamonix

El tercer día lo dedicamos a subir al glaciar de Argentieire. Hay telecabina que te suben de los 1200 metro a los 3500 metros pero nosotros decidimos hacerlo andando. El glacial está un poco más bajo.

La verdad es que andando se hizo algo duro ya que la subida supone un nivel de unos 1200 metros y la bajada es extrema. La ruta duro 6 horas aproximadamente.

A la llegada del pueblo comimos unas pizzas y ensaladas que ponen riquisimas en el restaurante Rencard.

El pueblo es una linda ciudad de alta montaña donde se escuchan todos los idiomas.

Es una de las ciudades más internacionales de Suiza. Podemos encontrarnos la sede de las Naciones Unidas, pero también un centro histórico precioso, sedes internacionales y un entorno privilegiado para hacer miles de actividades…

El icono de la ciudad es una de las fuentes más grandes del mundo,con 149 metros de altura.

Los relojes suizos son famosos por su precision, y aquipodemos comprobarlo en el reloj de flores del parque. Se creo en 1955 en honor a los relojeros de la ciudad.

La vieja villa es la parte más antigua de la ciudad,es recomendable perderse por sus calles y su catedral. En Naciones Unidas vemos la silla roja con una pata rota de 12 metros,par mostrar en apoyo al Convenio de prohibición de minas antipersona.



Quinto día,Ginebra a Lusana,Montreaux,Gruyere,Friburgo y Berna


Este día es impresionante,las vistas por el lago estupendas,estuvimos en la fábrica de queso gruyere y la fábrica de chocolate Callier,comprada finalmente por Néstle.

Berna es una de las ciudades más bonitas del país, el casco antiguo es Patrimonio de la Humanidad siendo una joya arquitectónica medieval.

Pasear y perderse por la ciudad es fascinante,y la torre del reloj es tan vieja como la ciudad misma,de 1191, siendo un reloj astrónomo de los mejores conservados aunq entre uno de sus usos fue una prisión de mujeres…

En Berna está también la casa de Einstein.

El castillo del Chillón en Montreaux, de origen medieval, que se encuentra a las orillas del lago Leman,es uno de los más bonitos y mejores conservados.

Sexto día ,de Berna pasamos a Lucerna y Zurich

Lucerna es una ciudad preciosa, una de las mas enigmaticas y turistaa de los Alpes, aunque a la hora de comer nos callo un aguacero, tormenta huracanada, jamás vista por estas tierras,nos decían. Lucerna enamora al instante.

Lo más característico es el puente de la capilla, de 1365 y la yorre del agua,mas antiguo qy su propósito era conectar la vieja ciudad con la nueva,separadas por el río Reuss. El casco antiguo de lucerna es una preciosidad.

En Zúrich coincidió ese día con las fiestas de la ciudad y estaba llena de gente y de conciertos,por lo que si bien era muy difícil andar por la ciudad, disfrutamos de sus fiestas populares…

Zúrich es la  más grande del país, y muy bella. Su lago es uno de los símbolos más importantes de la ciudad.

Día siete, de Zurich a cascadas del Rin,Friburgo de Brisgovia,Gengesbach y Estrasburgo.


Las cascadas del Rin son impresionantes,como podéis comprobar en las fotos.

Friburgo de Alemania,en plena selva negra,es uno de los pueblos meduacmvales nejor conservados de Alemania. Ese día recorrimos las carreteras secundarias de la selva negra de Friburgo a Gengesbach,que al igual que Friburgo,nos emociono.

Estrasburgo es una ciudad preciosa, y la catedral de notre dame,con su reloj astronómico, nos impresionó.Fue construida en 1176.

Un sitio imprescindible que hay que ver en Estrasburgo es la Petite Francia, tienes que caminar con los ojos arriba, abajo, a la derecha y a la izquierda. Entre las casas con entramado de madera, sus calles adoquinadas y los canales no sabrás que te gusta más.

Estrasburgo es la única ciudad que no es una capital de estado y que alberga instituciones europeas. Así podrás ver el “Consejo de Europa”, el “Tribunal Europeo de los Derechos Humanos” y el “Parlamento Europeo” que alberga el hemiciclo más grande de Europa.



Tres días son aconsejables para recorrer la ALSACIA,una región con preciosos y coloridos municipios que parecen sacados de un cuento y que es ideal para hacer un viaje en coche ya que las distancias entre los mismos son muy cortas.Los pueblos y castillos más bonitos se encuentran en Obernai, Mittleberheim y Selectas,Haut koeninghbourn,Berheim, Ribeauville, Hunawihr,Riquewihr y la imprescindible Colmar. 

Penúltimo día en Lyon y último en Peñíscola.

 Un paseo por Lyon,la opera,la basilica de Notre Dame,la catedral, el teatro romano hace de esta ciudad francesa una maravilla para pasear y disfrutar de sus colores.

De Lyon a Granada se requería una parada en medio, y decidimos parar el Peñíscola,un pequeño pueblo marítimo hace de Peñíscola una ciudad encantadora, amurallada y dando principal protagonismo a su castillo…


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